About The Photographer

                                                      John Tarr, The Visual Adventurer

John Tarr Visual Adventurer Portrait, john tarr, john tarr photographer, Visual Adventurer, photography, website, about me,photography website,images, wildlife,landscape,wildlife photography,landscape photographyIhave loved capturing images for as long as I can remember.

Even before I learned to use a camera, I loved admiring great images. It did not matter if they were photographs, or other types of artwork.

To me, it captured a sliver of time to be enjoyed over and over again by one and all.


I was never much good with hand-eye coordination when it came to using art tools such as a brush, charcoal or working with clay, but I did instinctively understand concepts of art: such as the rule of thirds, and negative edge.

I was a natural when I first picked up a camera as a kid, with my first Kodak Brownie camera.

Math was not exactly my forte; but shutter speed, F stops and depth of field came like breathing.

Go figure…

Right from the very moment I started taking photography classes as a high school junior, in 1970, it all came so naturally.

I instantly knew the language of photography. Making my first image in the darkroom fascinated me like nothing else could.

And it still does, using digital.

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Photojournalism at weddings was a real love of mine — but capturing images of wildlife and landscapes was my main passion. 

I have had a well-rounded education. Much of it was self-taught; but, I still sat under the masters until I found my own photographic footing.

People fascinate me as much as wildlife does. I enjoy studying a subject completely by moving all around it for the best lighting and placement, to tell a story.

Light is KING.

It is what a photographer paints with.

Just like a writer paints with words, a great photographer paints with light. F stops, shutter speed and depth of field are his brushes, (along with tools like Photoshop).