Panoramic iPhone 6 Swimming Pool



Panoramic iPhone 6

One of things I love best about my cell phone is what the Panoramic iPhone 6 can do.

Many of the new smart phones have this incredible feature to their photography making abilities.

Not only is this a ton of fun but has many other useful uses.

Crazy amazing technology that is built into these little devices.

Not only is it a phone that we talk on but a small computer, internet connector, browser, movie and TV screen but also a video and still camera that is very powerful.

Wow! And it is so small it fits into my pocket.

I used to (still do) shoot panoramic photography on my Nikon DSLR camera and then stitch a number of images together in Photoshop. It makes one wide image like our eye’s see.

My cell phone can now do it in its own photo processor and fast.

I now no longer need a wide angle for this device.

I can now capture the whole seen before me without skipping a beat and missing anyone on the edge.

The three panoramic images on this page were shot with the iPhone 6.

The top one was shot by my son Jason at a family pool party.

He also used a grunge filter that you can get as a app to make adjustments on your images in the cell phone itself.

The second one was taken at a homeless dinner at Sun Valley Christian Church in Tempe and the third one was shot at one of my families gathering for a birthday party.

I have many creative idea’s brewing in my head that I want to try.

How about you?