Welcome To The Visual Adventurer Landscape Photography Page

      This is just a small sample of the landscape photography from photographer John Tarr.

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Wildlife photography is like combat in a way. Nothing happens for 95% of the time and then all heck breaks out…And you better be ready or you have wasted your time.

You Prepare:

 1.) Clean and oil your camera. Make sure the camera bodies and lenses are working properly. Are the lenses clean? Will I bring two or even three camera bodies? Do I want to travel light?

 2.) Make sure you have enough juice. Are the batteries at 100% AND do you have many extra ones. Nothing like running out of power when you are in the middle of it.

 3.) Have you planned ahead as much as you can? Am I going to shoot in Raw or JPG this time, or both?

 4.) Do you understand the animal you are photographing? What are their quirks? Know their habitat? Have I visited the location recently? What is the lighting like at that time of day? Cloud cover? Should I bring a ladder?

 5.) Many types of wildlife move quickly. Have you done a dry run? Practice taking images with your long lens, if it’s been awhile since you have used it last. There are tricks to help speed up the focusing on a long lens, even though it’s an auto-focus lens and camera body. Depth of field is tricky business. Practice so you are adept once again, so you do not miss any images because you were rusty.

 6.) What’s my plan with the images after the photo adventure? What is my processing plan?

 So, as you can see, there are many things that a good photographer needs to do to make great wildlife photography. Even though many images seem very effortless in the simplicity of the animals themselves, capturing that animal at just the right moment is anything but.

 If you like the wildlife photography on this page, please check out our “Purchase” link to “Fine Art America”. We have many more images that the Visual Adventurer has taken over the years, that you can view or buy.

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