Welcome To The Visual Adventurer Insect Photography Page

      This is just a small sample of the insect photography from photographer John Tarr.


Hover over any image, click and it will enlarge so you can view it better.

Insect Photography is amazing.

In some ways it is similar to photographing hummingbirds in that they a very small and fast.

Some insects dart around like dragonfly’s and others are methodical like bees

They don’t much take notice of the photographer most of the time.

I like to use a long telephoto lens of around 200mm so I can keep my distance and have a shallow depth of field. (when the subject is in focus and everything else is blurry.)

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One problem with that approach, telephoto lenses will not let you focus closer that 3 feet.

No good for tight shots. So I use a focusing ring between my lens and camera body like I do for hummingbirds.

That lets me get between 1 !/2  feet to a half foot depending on which ring I use.

One problem with that approach is the depth of field is so shallow that if you are not razor sharp and on the button with your focus most of the insect goes out of focus.

It is a dance I do when I photograph these amazing little creatures.

Patience is a virtue when shooting insect photography.