Dew Drop

Dew Drop

Due Drop In is a photograph of a water droplet on a branch





Dew Drop

I love macro photography because, not only can I visit tiny landscapes in real time, but I can revisit it over and over again.

You can look at something up close and personal with your eyes, but the perspective changes dramatically when you put a macro lens on a DSLR.

Depth of field changes considerably, and isolation becomes magnified.

Sometimes I just like to look at the tiny world through the lens without even snapping an image–just because I like to look at this small world as life goes by.

The capture on digital or film is an extra benefit, and a blessing beyond what my mind’s eye saves.

This image was saved on Kodachrome 64 slide film, with a Nikon F2 on a 55mm macro lens.

I loved that transparency film and sometimes miss it. The saturation was amazing.

But I also LOVE digital.

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Gladiolus flowers

Gladiolus flowers

     Gladiolus Flowers – Up Close and Personal

Up Close of the interior of a Gladiolus flowers showing its pedals.Tthese gladiolus flowers and I go back a number of years. Back to the 1970’s I would think.

One of my favorite things to photograph since I could handle a camera was macro or close up photography. I love peering inside of things to see how they tick.

I like the feeling when you isolate things and have them stand out.

F stops and shutter speeds change the depth of field considerably but so does a macro lens. Many times I use a tripod so I can manipulate the two variables.

The gladiolus flowers came from my sisters garden in Michigan.

She would enter them into competition at county fairs and come home with many ribbons. She still grows amazing flowers in and around the outside of her home but now she lives in Ohio.

This image was shot on Kodachrome 64 slide film on a Nikon F2 film camera with a 55mm macro lens.

I shoot all digital now but the feeling is still the same when I capture something just right. 

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Cat in the Pot

Cat in the Pot

Cat In The Pot

My wife was cleaning all the indoor plants one day in the back yard.

I went back and forth doing yard work and kept hearing this weak cat cry but could not figure out where it was coming from.

I stood real still and called the different cat names of the three felines that call our house, home.

He meowed again and that’s when I spotted him camouflaged in between the pots.

At first he sat real still and gave out a pitiful meow but until he moved his head just a bit I could not see him.

I ran back in the house and grabbed my Nikon camera and took this image.

I turned it into B&W via Photoshop because I thought it was a stronger shot.

Today I would just pull out my cell phone and take this image and save my DSLR Nikon for more complex projects.

But I do know this, I have a funny cat……

Cat in the pot.

Cat in the Pot Photograph