Big Plunge

Big Plunge

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Big Plunge

Experimentation has always been the name of the game in photography for me since I started making photographic images 5 decades ago.

It is still the name of the game for me.

I am a visual adventurer.

I love making great visuals in many mediums be it on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and WordPress and using a DSLR or my iPhone 6. 

I have loved my Apple computer and iPhone 4 phone but I must say that my new iPhone 6 is very remarkable in so many ways.

In the single capture mode it will take high resolution images by themselves, in rapid fire, square or panoramic mode.


The video is equally amazing.

You can take the video in normal speed or slow motion.

You can add an external mic and put the phone on a tripod and make amazing interviews. (which we will be doing and blogging about)

You can add aps that will help you to correct your images or add creative features the photographs you have just taken.


The video that is linked on this blog page was taken with a iPhone 6 with a plastic underwater housing.

My son Jason shot it of my grandson Zeke jumping in to a swimming pool.

Fun family stuff that we will always enjoy and savoir but it also gave me many ideas for the future.

Take the BIG Plunge and stay tuned…