A Girl and Her Horse

A Girl and Her Horse

                             A Girl and Her Horse

                     Do not miss the opportunity… to take your camera.

A Girl and Her Horse






A girl and her horse is the title I gave to a series of images that I had taken a few years ago.

I had forgotten about these images and it was not until I was looking for something else that I landed on them. (I must be AD because that happens to me a lot)

My cataloging of my photography is not what it should be so I have to hunt far more than I should have too.

I have gotten better the last couple of years of doing that with my recent work but I have been a photographer for 45 years and just have not gotten around to doing that with my older stuff.

The upside to hunting for images is you come across photographs you took some years back and get to spend time with them like a old friend.

Family friends had invited me and my granddaughter out to Apache Junction, which is east of Phoenix, where their daughter rides horses.

Not only did my granddaughter have a chance to ride a horse for the very first time but I was able to take some great images of their daughter riding her horse on a beautiful Saturday afteernoon.

You can see the Superstition Mountains behind her but they look much closer than they really are. “Why?” You might ask is that?

I had chose a long 200mm lens so the image would be compressed because of shallow depth of field and the tall looming mountains seemed much closer. They fell out of focus as I concentrated on the girl.The image has a lot of depth and presence about it. It is very strong.

I also used a fill-in-flash to light up the shadows of her face and the horse. The sun is the main light of course but by bringing in a second light source it added more depth as well as bringing out detail in the shadows.

I promise to do better with my photography cataloging but if I do not, I will find more old gems in the process of looking for something else.


A Girl and Her Horse  A Girl and Her Horse  A Girl and Her Horse

Cat in the Pot

Cat in the Pot

Cat In The Pot

My wife was cleaning all the indoor plants one day in the back yard.

I went back and forth doing yard work and kept hearing this weak cat cry but could not figure out where it was coming from.

I stood real still and called the different cat names of the three felines that call our house, home.

He meowed again and that’s when I spotted him camouflaged in between the pots.

At first he sat real still and gave out a pitiful meow but until he moved his head just a bit I could not see him.

I ran back in the house and grabbed my Nikon camera and took this image.

I turned it into B&W via Photoshop because I thought it was a stronger shot.

Today I would just pull out my cell phone and take this image and save my DSLR Nikon for more complex projects.

But I do know this, I have a funny cat……

Cat in the pot.

Cat in the Pot Photograph