iPhone 6 Panoramic

iPhone 6 Panoramic

Panoramic iPhone 6 Swimming Pool



Panoramic iPhone 6

One of things I love best about my cell phone is what the Panoramic iPhone 6 can do.

Many of the new smart phones have this incredible feature to their photography making abilities.

Not only is this a ton of fun but has many other useful uses.

Crazy amazing technology that is built into these little devices.

Not only is it a phone that we talk on but a small computer, internet connector, browser, movie and TV screen but also a video and still camera that is very powerful.

Wow! And it is so small it fits into my pocket.

I used to (still do) shoot panoramic photography on my Nikon DSLR camera and then stitch a number of images together in Photoshop. It makes one wide image like our eye’s see.

My cell phone can now do it in its own photo processor and fast.

I now no longer need a wide angle for this device.

I can now capture the whole seen before me without skipping a beat and missing anyone on the edge.

The three panoramic images on this page were shot with the iPhone 6.

The top one was shot by my son Jason at a family pool party.

He also used a grunge filter that you can get as a app to make adjustments on your images in the cell phone itself.

The second one was taken at a homeless dinner at Sun Valley Christian Church in Tempe and the third one was shot at one of my families gathering for a birthday party.

I have many creative idea’s brewing in my head that I want to try.

How about you?

Dew Drop

Dew Drop

Due Drop In is a photograph of a water droplet on a branch





Dew Drop

I love macro photography because, not only can I visit tiny landscapes in real time, but I can revisit it over and over again.

You can look at something up close and personal with your eyes, but the perspective changes dramatically when you put a macro lens on a DSLR.

Depth of field changes considerably, and isolation becomes magnified.

Sometimes I just like to look at the tiny world through the lens without even snapping an image–just because I like to look at this small world as life goes by.

The capture on digital or film is an extra benefit, and a blessing beyond what my mind’s eye saves.

This image was saved on Kodachrome 64 slide film, with a Nikon F2 on a 55mm macro lens.

I loved that transparency film and sometimes miss it. The saturation was amazing.

But I also LOVE digital.

To see more of my photography go here: Dew Drop In at Fine Art America.

10 Awesome Photography Tips for Beginners

10 Awesome Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography, photographer, 10 Photography Tips for Beginners, blog, blogging, blogging about photography





10 Awesome Photography Tips for Beginners

Digital photography has democratized the medium. More people are taking more photos than ever before, and they’re sharing them online with friends and family in record numbers. It’s easy to place the blame on the camera if your images aren’t as nice as some others you see online, but by following a few guidelines you can improve the quality of your photos—without having to shell out big bucks for a new camera. Keep these 10 easy tips in mind next time you head out to capture the world around you. And if you have any tips that have helped you take better pictures, please share them in the comments section.

1. Get Basic Composition Down. The heart of a photograph is its composition—the position of different elements in a frame. The easiest rule of thumb to learn and remember is the Rule of Thirds. Basically, you’ll want to break your frame into nine squares of roughly equal size. Try and align the subject of your photo along these lines and intersections and imagine the main image divided over these nine boxes. This gives you a more dramatic, visually interesting shot than one where you subject is located dead center. Many newer cameras have a rule of thirds grid overlay that you can activate when shooting.

2. Adjust Exposure Compensation. As long as you aren’t shooting in full manual mode, your digital camera is making decisions that determine the exposure of a photo—in English, how light or dark the shot appears. Generally speaking, a camera looks at a scene and tries to determine the appropriate exposure based on the correct lighting of an 18-percent gray card, which is why there are special scene modes for snow—without them, the camera would try to make the white snow gray.

If a photo is too light or dark you can either delve through the dozens of scene modes that are available in modern point-and-shoot cameras, or simply dial in a bit of exposure compensation. Many cameras have a physical button for this, identified by a +/- symbol. If your photo is too dark, move the scale up above zero; if too light, move it down a bit.

3. Choose the Right Mode.

To read the rest of the artical go here; 10 Awesome Photography Tips for Beginners

World Photography Awards

World Photography Awards

A photograph of a deer licking the beak of a bird from the World Photography Awards 2015




15 More Gorgeous Entries In This Year’s World Photography Awards 2015.

For the past several months, photographers around the world have been submitting works to the annual Sony World Photography Awards, a competition that attracts amateur and professional image makers from nearly every corner of the globe vying for online prestige.

As we’ve outlined before, photographers compete across several contests — professional, open, and youth, entering images in categories like travel, arts and culture, nature and wildlife, architecture, people and “split second.”

So far, the world photography awards 2015 edition has seen aerial impossibilities from Romania, perfectly framed animals in Indonesia, man made abstracts in the Netherlands and frozen landscapes in Russia.

The photos are a wild nod to the diversity of life on planet Earth, celebrating moments that often span just the time it takes to close a shutter.

To read the rest of the story and view the other 14 photographs go here.

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography – McCormick Ranch Arizona

Wedding Photography at McCormick Ranch Arizona 


Back in the day when I owned a photography studio called Fresh Look Images, we used to take wedding photography at venue called McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.

I originally blogged about the wedding photography that we shot at that location back in 2009 on Google Blog Spot.

I no longer use that platform to blog on but I now use WordPress to build my websites and do my blogging on so I forgot what I had blogged about in those days.

Wedding Photography at McCormick Ranch Arizona Wedding Photography at McCormick Ranch Arizona Wedding Photography at McCormick Ranch Arizona






A bride contacted me recently on my Visual Adventurer Facebook page and wanted to know if I was the same photographer that shot the original images for that blog. She also sent me the link.

It brought back many memories from the weddings that we shot at McCormick Ranch from the 2001-2009.

I loved the venue because it was located on a golf course in Scottsdale right next to a lake.

All the images you see on this page were taken at that location.

 If you would like to see the original blog post go here: McCormick Ranch Wedding Photography

My son Jason and Daughter-in-law Candace both take professional wedding photography.They both have their own photography businesses but many times shoot together.

You can find their websites here:

Candace Gier at CG Photo and Design

Jason Tarr at BTS Photography

Gladiolus flowers

Gladiolus flowers

     Gladiolus Flowers – Up Close and Personal

Up Close of the interior of a Gladiolus flowers showing its pedals.Tthese gladiolus flowers and I go back a number of years. Back to the 1970’s I would think.

One of my favorite things to photograph since I could handle a camera was macro or close up photography. I love peering inside of things to see how they tick.

I like the feeling when you isolate things and have them stand out.

F stops and shutter speeds change the depth of field considerably but so does a macro lens. Many times I use a tripod so I can manipulate the two variables.

The gladiolus flowers came from my sisters garden in Michigan.

She would enter them into competition at county fairs and come home with many ribbons. She still grows amazing flowers in and around the outside of her home but now she lives in Ohio.

This image was shot on Kodachrome 64 slide film on a Nikon F2 film camera with a 55mm macro lens.

I shoot all digital now but the feeling is still the same when I capture something just right. 

To view more of my photography go here to Fine Art America.

Cat in the Pot

Cat in the Pot

Cat In The Pot

My wife was cleaning all the indoor plants one day in the back yard.

I went back and forth doing yard work and kept hearing this weak cat cry but could not figure out where it was coming from.

I stood real still and called the different cat names of the three felines that call our house, home.

He meowed again and that’s when I spotted him camouflaged in between the pots.

At first he sat real still and gave out a pitiful meow but until he moved his head just a bit I could not see him.

I ran back in the house and grabbed my Nikon camera and took this image.

I turned it into B&W via Photoshop because I thought it was a stronger shot.

Today I would just pull out my cell phone and take this image and save my DSLR Nikon for more complex projects.

But I do know this, I have a funny cat……

Cat in the pot.

Cat in the Pot Photograph


Big Plunge

Big Plunge

Big Plunge,boy jumping in water, little bot, jumping, water, pool, video,slow motion,

Big Plunge

Experimentation has always been the name of the game in photography for me since I started making photographic images 5 decades ago.

It is still the name of the game for me.

I am a visual adventurer.

I love making great visuals in many mediums be it on Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and WordPress and using a DSLR or my iPhone 6. 

I have loved my Apple computer and iPhone 4 phone but I must say that my new iPhone 6 is very remarkable in so many ways.

In the single capture mode it will take high resolution images by themselves, in rapid fire, square or panoramic mode.


The video is equally amazing.

You can take the video in normal speed or slow motion.

You can add an external mic and put the phone on a tripod and make amazing interviews. (which we will be doing and blogging about)

You can add aps that will help you to correct your images or add creative features the photographs you have just taken.


The video that is linked on this blog page was taken with a iPhone 6 with a plastic underwater housing.

My son Jason shot it of my grandson Zeke jumping in to a swimming pool.

Fun family stuff that we will always enjoy and savoir but it also gave me many ideas for the future.

Take the BIG Plunge and stay tuned…

If Anyone Finds My Body

If Anyone Finds My Body

If Anyone Finds My Body, photo,photography text, image, funny, funny photo, phrase,If Anyone Finds My Body is a funny graphic I designed describing those who do not like to exercise.

Whenever I hear or see an interesting quote, my mind thinks, “how can I visually improve it, and tell the story better.”

Since I am both a photographer and a graphic artist, I enjoy bringing these two great mediums together.

Many of the same elements are found in both, so it was a natural progression for me at 45+ years as a photographer to learn graphic arts.

At 58 years old I was one of the older students at Scottsdale Community Collage in some of my graphic art classes, but not all.

You CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

And yes, I did graduate with an associate degree in Graphic Arts.

It took me three years, but I did it! I figured since I was going to school, I would learn other things in the process– like creative writing and webdesign.

By the way, I designed this website, and several others.

That is part of what I do.

Besides trying to be funny.



Not Everything That Is Fatal

Not Everything That Is Fatal

Not Everything That Is Fatal,graphic,photo,snake, spiritual, saying, sin, rebellion,united states, president

Not Everything That Is Fatal is a graphic design I made last night that I think has many implications.

When I was designing it, I had one specific thing in mind.

I had tunnel vision. I was focused.

But when I finished–and sat back and drew a deep breath–I realized I had made something with far more implications.

Funny how that works; it has happened to me many times.

This could apply to individuals, and to choices we have made during our lifetime.

It also could apply to families. Businesses. Planning for the future.

And it most certainly could apply to nations or countries.

The latter is what I was focused on when I was thinking of some of the decisions our leaders have made during the last couple of years.

What are the unintended consequences of our and their actions?

So tell me…

What does it mean to you?

What do you think?