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  My name is John Tarr…and this is my photography, captured over four-and-a-half decades

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As a Visual Adventurer, I have compiled an extensive photographic library that has been 45+ years in the making.

You will find my portfolio of images, learn a little bit about me–and read some of my tips, tricks and in-depth articles on how to improve your own photography.

When it comes to photography, you will find I am fluent in many different styles…from landscapes to wildlife–from people to photojournalism. I love telling a photographic panorama covering many different subject matters across our blue planet.


I also have a link to an online shopping site under the “Purchase” button that will take you to my order website, called “Fine Art America”.

It is here that you can view many more of my images than what are displayed here, and purchase them as high quality canvases, signed prints, framed photographs, greeting cards and much, much more!

Check out my social media links, and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Flickr, Google+, Linkedin and Instagram. Also, ask me any questions that you wish about my photography–or how I can help improve yours. I will post regular updates, so come back often.


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